Patent search is the systematic evaluation of patent data to identify / determine technology in order to ensure appropriate implementation, protection and monetization of inventions. Scope’s team has in-depth expertise in IP information and research to assist clients in specific areas of patent research. With vast experience in the area of Patent Information and Retrieval, Scope provides various searches utilizing patent and non-patent literature databases – Open Access as well as Commercial. Scope’s patent analysts are highly proficient in the technical analysis of patents, particularly in the areas of Engineering, Chemistry, Biotechnology / Biochemistry and Pharmaceuticals.

Prior art search

Scope provides its clients with research services on available public disclosure relevant to the subject of the invention and provides a detailed study and analysis on the novelty and obviousness of the invention.

Depending on the clients’ requirements, the scope of the prior art search could be restricted to only patents or made elaborate to include non-patent literature as well.

Novelty Search

Scope does a detailed analysis to help determine whether the inventive concept is new over the prior art and therefore contains patentable subject matter. This is intended to provide a general overview of the art for a particular invention, conducted prior to filing a patent application to assess the novelty of an invention.

Validity / Invalidity Search

Scope can provide essential patent information to determine the validity of a patented technology or to invalidate claims in a patent document in a legal suit concerning infringement. Further, Scope can source the available details on public disclosure relevant to the subject matter of the invention and analysis on the novelty and obviousness of the invention.

Infringement Search

Scope has vast experience in conducting Patent Infringement Searches.

Our patent analysts, with extensive expertise in prior art searches, consider the various aspects on which a patent claim can be invalidated and assist in rendering an invalidity perspective for an infringement lawsuit.

Freedom-to-Operate (FTO) Search

Our Freedom-to-Operate searches help to determine whether the clients’ product might infringe a valid patent in the geographical region where they intend to manufacture and / or sell their product. FTO search involves identifying whether there are any relevant, unexpired patents pertaining to the clients’ invention and then analyzing the claims of those patents to determine whether they could prevent the manufacture and / or sale of the proposed product or technology.

Our FTO analyses and reports are based on:

• Legal status of the identified prior art patents

• Claim construction

State-of-the-Art Search

Our State-of-the-Art Searches involve reviewing of all prior-art patents and literature relating to a particular product, process and technology to identify the current developments on the subject area of interest. It provides an in-depth insight on the key patented innovations and major players in the relevant domain and in turn assists in the R&D process.