Patent Landscaping analysis is a process of identifying and positioning of patented technologies with relevance to technology as well as competition. A landscape analysis provides a comprehensive understanding of the entire technological domain, white spaces, key players and trends so as to enhance focus on research & development and bring about efficient utilization of the patent portfolio.

Licensee identification for potential In/Cross/Out Licensing opportunities are used for effective utilization of intangible assets – patents, and also to enable ease of access to enhanced technologies to assist in efficient product research and development.

Our Licensee Identification/ Commercialization Studies assist the client in determining the unique opportunities that exist to commercialize their innovation and/or acquire relevant and essential patents to structure their R&D efforts effectively. It helps identify potential partnership opportunities, enhances decision making for R&D investment/In-Licensing and identifies suitable candidates for buying/ licensing their underutilized patents.

Scope’s Landscaping services provide clients with a detailed picture of the patent technologies being analyzed, the relevant competitor landscape and an analysis of the clients’ relative positioning vis-à-vis other players. The Landscape analysis involves Patent Mining and Competitor Intelligence analysis, and the reports offer an extensive review of the clients’ patent portfolio.

Further, our experts will also guide on the latest technology trends and identify gaps in the clients’ existing portfolio, by covering the key aspects of the clients’ company with visual representations and statistical analysis.