PATENT RESEARCH & ANALYTICS (Intellectual Property Rights)


Patent analytics, competitive landscape analysis, commercialization studies etc. are time-consuming, costly yet vital elements to ensure that you are protecting and making the most of your organization’s/ clients’ intellectual property. The time/ effort involved and associated costs cut into your organization’s efficiency and cost effectiveness. This is where Scope eKnowledge Center plays a pivotal role.

Scope works with large corporations, global law firms, patent attorneys and IP advisory firms. Our clients include Fortune 100 companies, FTSE 100 companies, several large global technology transfer companies, some of the largest research institutes in Europe, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), and the European Patent Office (EPO). Scope’s techno-human solution for research and analytics ensures world-class services, quick turn-around time, substantial cost savings, and access to a team of qualified & experienced IP analysts and domain experts in various technical, scientific and medical disciplines. Scope has robust, scalable systems in place to ensure the highest quality levels.

Scope provides research services to enhance your IP assets in a cost-effective way and allow better utilization of your valuable resources to concentrate on higher value added activities.

Our staff, which include research analysts from various domains like engineering, life science, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, etc., are meticulously trained in patent work. Well trained in our robust and scalable systems and processes, they help ensure high levels of quality and quick turn-around time.