Medico-Legal Summarization

Deposition Summarization Services

Scope’s deposition summarization services have an overarching intent—that is, help attorneys win favorable judgments by creating and delivering summaries that would enable attorneys grasp the various facets of the cases. To achieve this objective, Scope leverages the expertise of its in-house team of eminently qualified summarizers, which include attorneys, paralegals, and professional writers.

The deposition summarization services offered by Scope are cost effective. The in-house team of Scope prepares deposition summaries by diligently reducing testimonies to facts. In addition to extracting facts, dates, figures, names, and exhibits are accurately abstracted from depositions using a combination of automation and human curation. Furthermore, critical information is separated from extraneous facts, and subject matter, key events, and actions are succinctly summarized. Consequently, the depositions are transformed into a tool of discovery that law firms and attorneys can leverage to win favorable judgments on behalf of their clients.

Medical Record Review and Summary Services

Turning unorganized records into organized medical summaries using a techno-human approach

The in-house platform developed by Scope uses state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to provide well-documented, organized, and fact-based medical record summaries that are curated and reviewed by a team of medical professionals. Some of the more critical medical records review and summary services provided by Scope are given below:

  • The medical summaries present clinical data, history of injury or illness, treatment modalities, medications, and other clinical facts in a user-friendly manner. The summaries also describe accidents, the mechanism of injury, and the immediate care provided at the scene and at the emergency room concisely. The records of the hospital stay and the subsequent treatments provided by physicians are summarized, along with the results of the diagnostic tests. The summaries also include comments made by the physicians regarding causation of the injuries, prognosis, and permanency.

  • Medical chronologies provide a concise reference to all pertinent medical information and reduce the eventual review time spent by a medical expert. Additionally, hyperlinks to appropriate documents are provided in all medical chronologies for easy navigation. Subsequently, all missing records can be identified and a list can be generated.

  • Screen cases for merit and to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Medical Malpractice
Professional Negligence
Nursing Home Abuse
Motor Vehicle Accidents
Workers Compensation
Personal Injury
Product Liability/Class Action Suits
Mass-Tort Cases
Life Care Planning

With a broad base of clinical content development experience, Scope’s Medical Records Review and Summaries team is ideally equipped to assist attorneys in all cases involving medical records. Moreover, the team can also provide insights into health care issues in a variety of situations, including

  • Personal injury
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Medical and nursing negligence
  • Criminal law where health or injury is a factor
  • Product liability