Taxonomy Development/Maintenance

Scope has developed taxonomies for various subject domains, with a maximum of four levels of sub classification for each top-level concept. Based on the characteristics of a domain, Scope’s taxonomists will initially develop a theoretical framework for building the taxonomy for the domain under the guidance of subject matter experts for the respective domains. The taxonomy structure will then be validated with the industrial standard for classifications.

Scope can also develop broad-level concepts as facets with a hierarchical taxonomic structure. These facets with a taxonomic structure will be domain independent and will be based on significant common attributes of e.g., materials, products and services, that could cut across domains. The facets will be further classified to more specific attributes, by developing a two to three level hierarchical taxonomy of facets. This will help users bridge different domains using common concepts, and also further filter the specific attributes of such concepts across different domains.

Further, scope can update existing taxonomies and document metadata for changes in term meaning or usage. Scope can conduct periodic assessments (preferably every six months or as required by clients) to identify any change in the meaning or usage of terms.