Ontology Development

Ontologies, which define formal specifications of terms/concepts in a domain and their relationships, have become common on the World-Wide Web. Scope has a rich resource of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Ontology Consultants to develop ontology for any subject and its sub domains.

Scope’s pre-built and customized ontology can be used in automated text mining and semantic processing applications for providing a search and retrieval platform, more advanced than the keyword based search features. Some of the key features of Scope’s ontology development are:

  • Conceptualization of the domain – Knowledge modelling
  • Expanding the knowledge model to develop the ontologies with following components
    • Classes
    • Relations
    • Attributes / Properties
    • Instances
    • Facets of attributes like value, datatype and cardinality
    • Axioms
  • Conversion of existing controlled vocabularies to ontologies
  • Aligning multiple ontologies (ontology integration)