Indexing services


Indexing is a process where the key descriptors that can represent the core theme of an article or a document are extracted and such article or document is tagged with those descriptors. Such descriptors can be in the form of keywords that are actually present in the document (keyword indexing) or descriptors that represent the key concepts elaborated in the article, but not necessarily present in the document (Semantic Indexing).

Below is a brief of various Indexing Services from Scope:

Keyword Indexing
Scope provides keyword based indexing services to index patents, non-patent technical literature, journals, news articles, E-learning content and product data. We use standard domain specific thesauri and taxonomies to index technical documents.

Our English language indexing services can also be extended to STM literature generated in other major languages like French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean etc., through a process of translation and indexing.

Conceptual/ Semantic Indexing
Scholarly literature and patents require a high level of conceptual understanding. Indexing these documents based on the keywords present in the articles may not provide the precision and conceptual accuracy demanded by discerning researchers.

Scope’s semantic indexing methodology identifies the key concepts that are specific to the type of document – e.g., novelty in patent and technical parameters in a non-patent technical literature. Our indexers identify those portions of the documents which represent these concepts and use standard descriptors using domain-specific controlled vocabularies to index those documents.

Subject Category Indexing
Scope offers very deep, granular subject categorization for all scholarly output published in the form of articles, dissertations, conference proceedings, grey literature etc. We can also provide indexing services based on standard library classification like Dewey, LoC (Library of Congress Classifications), colon classification and other domain specific categorizations.

Image Indexing
Indexing of non-textual objects like medical images, tables, graphs, photographs, topographical maps, multimedia products like podcast, videocast, animation etc. is also possible. At Scope, we use our rich resources of Subject Matter Experts in Healthcare and other Life Sciences to index radiological images, chemical structures and gene sequences. Our indexing of these objects, not only captures the basic metadata embedded in the images, but also provides semantic annotations based on the concepts that are represented by these images.

Domain Specific Niche Indexing Services
Scope also offers domain specific niche indexing services, which require deep knowledge and expertise in the particular domain.

Chemical Structure Drawing and Indexing
Scope can provide indexing of the structures of existing chemical compounds and draw structures for new compounds and substances that are described in patents and other non-patent technical literature. We have the expertise to draw structures based on IUPAC nomenclature, SMILE notations and InChI identifiers.