Abstracting Services


Content abstraction is the process of creating a condensed version of a full text article or other technical and research documents. An abstract will provide an indication to the reader of the core themes discussed in the full text. This is used as a document surrogate by publishers to promote the delivery and sales of full text documents.

Scope offers a range of content abstraction services that are customised to the specific requirements and business objectives of the customers.

Indicative Abstracts

This discusses what the article indicates in terms of topic and methodology, without providing the key content present in the article. E.g.: Product reviews, book, book chapter abstracts etc.

Informative Abstracts

It provides a condensed view of the entire content in the full text document, culling out the key topics and concepts covered. E.g.: Abstracts of technical articles, technical standards and specifications.

Structured Abstracts

Abstracts created in a structured format with pre-defined headings that truly represent the way the full text is organized. E.g.: Abstracts of clinical trials and medical case reports.

Enhanced / Value Added Abstracts

Abstracts that pick out the key knowledge that are helpful for decision making. E.g.: English abstracts of patents that extract the key patentability parameters like novelty, use and advantage.