Source Discovery & Analysis

Internet has abundant data published directly by the governments, businesses, re-publishers, individuals etc. Identifying right source where data is available, accurate and free for usage is a key indicator which defines the success of any data collection activity. Scope has developed scientific methods to find the right source for any data related activity. Scope’s source discovery process is the method of identifying precise source where the required data is available and eligible for commercial usage. Scope adopts a multi source approach for a same data element to establish confidence for the value. Scope’s resolution methodology / thresholds for same data element from multiple sources are near perfect which ensure correctness of data.

Scope aggregates thousands of sources across domains to identify the business data to meet clients’ needs. Scope aggregates sources through custom made search queries and ranks the sources based on multiple parameters. The multiple parameters which scope considers for validation of various data sources are:

  • Authenticity of the source – Legitimacy of the sources based on ownership (directly published or re-published)

  • Currency of data within source – Freshness of the data appear on the source

  • Crawling Acceptance – Willingness of the source to allow automatic bots for data extraction

  • Volume – Coverage of number of entities within the source

  • Geography – Coverage of entities from multiple geographies

  • Data richness – Comprehensiveness / breadth of the data for a single entity within the source

Web Scraping

Scope uses ACQuire™ — a proprietary full-service data-harvesting platform — to deliver superior data that the client can rely on.

ACQuire is a versatile platform that can serve the needs of large and small enterprises. It can be customized to furnish one-off delivery of data and scaled up to deliver reliable data daily, weekly or monthly. Additionally, ACQuire can be deployed to run tailor-made algorithms that can acquire data for specific business requirements. It can be utilized in a variety of industries to gather data in multiple languages, including company information, contacts, medical devices, drug information, retailer information, compliance data, journals, news, press releases, etc.

ACQuire addresses the current challenges of web monitoring and scraping. Built with natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI) powered extracting technology, it monitors and extracts data from web pages efficiently. In addition, ACQuire removes false positives, and subsequently stores auditable information as data points in the client’s backend. The fully automated harvesting platform ACQuire ensures a high level of precision, minimizes the level of manual intervention and gathers data from a broad swath of languages.

Furthermore, ACQuire is hosted in the cloud and hence, clients can access their data from anywhere and at any time. Its inherent ability to integrate seamlessly with downstream platforms and workflows make ACQuire an ideal fit for the software as a service model (SaaS).

Scope has significant experience in managing and maintaining complex directories and monitoring events such as executive movement or tracking. Additionally, Scope supports real-time monitoring to support critical data needs such as tracking stocks and commodities, corporate actions, as well as time-sensitive schedules.