Scope, with over a decade of experience in data management and analysis, offers Online Usage Statistics services that can retrieve online usage data across subscriptions and generate reports based on COUNTER standards to facilitate like-to-like comparison. Further, usage reports can be cleansed by removing the duplicate entries, platform variations, unwanted / garbled characters and standardization of the reports based on COUNTER standards.

Based on the data from standardized reports, Scope can provide insights on cost per use, cost per click, unwanted subscriptions, least used subscriptions, etc. The resulting analysis will help clients make informed decision, derive customer usage patterns, and implement measures to improve utilization and achieve cost savings.

In addition to being a valuable input for renewal decisions, usage statistics analysis can help secondary publishers in identifying strong prospects for new subscriptions, monitor turn-aways and content consumption trend among users (e.g. archival or current content). Enhancement of existing product and or development of new product can be done based on the insights derived from data analysis. Usage report from Scope can be retrieved across types, such as Journal reports (JR), Book report (BR) and Database report (DB), from vendors’ website as per the frequency of reports.

Customer Behavior Analysis

Scope tracks and analyzes customer behavior across multiple data points from external and internal sources such as User / webserver logs, User Ratings, Recommendations, User / Author reviews, Sales / Revenue data, Subscribers / Member data and Social media feeds such as Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, etc.

Scope creates customized dashboards and derives insights through Big data Hadoop platform across multiple parameters including –

  • Article level Metrics
  • Subscription Analysis
  • Profile Analysis
  • Member Demographic Reports
  • Top Downloads
  • Member Churn Analysis
  • Audience / Subscriber Profiling