Scope has developed AuthEntik™ to extract author related information from the source records in different formats. The platform can automatically parse author records into individual data elements and tag the elements based on an XML DTD or other formats. AuthEntik’s Data Validation module can also provide the country name for a corresponding state using the repository embedded into the platform. Scope has developed knowledge repositories for standardizing author affiliation data (universities and other organization as well as cities, states/provinces and country names) and more complex morphological and language variants. In addition, the platform extensively uses knowledge repositories such as ISO standards for countries and states, authority files of organizations for accurate standardization of affliations. Scope employs the platform for standardizing affiliation content for spelling variants, syntactic variants, etc. Further, missing data (such as email addresses and article DOIs) can be researched and added to the content, Scope is well versed with the naming conventions of different countries for correct representation of first name and surname of authors.