Is your data up-to-date? At the rate at which the internet content is changing, it is not feasible for every organization to track information relevant for their business, however, fresh and up-to-date data makes information relevant and provide edge to the company. Scope has significant experience in management / maintenance of large / complex directories and monitor gamut of websites, reviewing updates, eliminating junks and reporting correct content.

Scope’s data maintenance services track the changes to content and provide timely updates back to the systems. Scope’s near real time monitoring solution tracks thousands of internet sources and captures relevant changes to content and update the changes in client databases. Automatic detection of changes without manual interference, filtering relevant results with established rules patterns, removal of junks using pre-defined patterns which enable minimal manual intervention.

Monitoring price changes, mergers & acquisitions, office location movements, executives & administrators movements, product launches, events, financial announcements, travel schedules, corporate actions, etc. in near real time. Our maintenance services to some of the world’s largest publishers help them to access newly updated content in real quick time.

The alerts will be directly fed to the client systems without wasting any reporting time. Our advanced module does the relevancy check by eliminating junks and deliver only the relevant updates to client.


  • Quick Turn Around: Reporting of relevant changes / updates to data within minutes from time of change in website
  • Alerts: Setting alerts for specific event types
  • Removal of junk: Pre-defined rules and patterns enable reduction of junks from relevant events
  • Time Period: Fixation of periodic update schedule at any time intervals
  • Reporting: Generate reports to find the history of changes on specified data set / events