data management services

A recent study has found that 90% of the existing digital data has been collected in just the last two years. With nearly 2.5 quintillion bytes being created on a daily basis, this demonstrates the magnitude of change prevalent in today’s business world and their data. The tremendous growth of data, in terms of volume and types, makes the processing and transforming a daunting task. However, ability to handle and analyze large amounts of data is paramount today, especially with organizations emphasizing on understanding their customers and predict their behaviors. Information is a strategic asset, and thus there is compelling need for cleaner, structured and reliable data to aid in business decisions. Though 70% of marketers feel ill equipped to handle large data and analyzing it, vendors with relevant expertise can step in to meet the various data needs.

Scope has partnered with publishers, information intermediaries and global enterprises in addressing their data management needs and managing information better for informed decision making. With more than a decade of experience in data aggregation, cleansing, structuring, classification and management, Scope assists customers in accurate and comprehensive data to enable better search, navigation and analysis of data. Scope’s techno-human approach model offers intelligent, efficient and timely results; the services provide high data visibility even on unstructured data, and are comprehensive to suit future integration needs.

Scope Advantage:

  • Techno-human platforms enabling scale, transparency and non-linear commercial models
  • On-demand pool of web researchers and data analysts with deep domain knowledge
  • Expert analysis and insights based on data
  • Service-based delivery model
  • Customized business solutions
  • No upfront investment in advanced tools/software
  • Automation and customized workflow tools for higher accuracy
  • Knowledge repositories of entity and reference data