Scope e-Knowledge Center provides offshored knowledge services to various clients across the globe, including Publishers, Societies & Associations, Consultants, Research & Information providers, and Corporate Enterprises. Scope, a niche knowledge services provider, has employees from various educational and professional backgrounds (Engineers, Scientists, Doctors & Paramedics, Scholars, Commerce and Management Graduates, Librarians, and Financial & Data Analysts) to cater varied client-specific knowledge requirements. With information providers being the key industry of focus, Scope services cut across domains and their verticals.

Key Highlights of Scope’s Experience:

  • Created over 10 million abstracts/summaries patents and technical literature
  • Delivered over 50 Million author database records from journal articles, conference proceedings and other documents
  • Created 3500+ searches, landscape and tracking reports
  • Validated business information for more than 4 Million companies
  • Created catalogs for 2.2 million product models
  • 25+ years of experience in handling different kinds of research projects

Leveraging its rich subject matter expertise and over two decades experience in information processing, Scope has developed an array of proprietary technology solutions and platforms for service delivery to meet client-specific needs. Scope has established prOdigi for conceptualization, fostering innovation and creating service delivery platforms aligned with customer demand; the lab houses an IT team with excellent track record in developing innovative techno-human platforms for the Publishing industry. Further, Scope has developed a unique project management philosophy, built on the principles of multiple layers of value enhancement, in-depth use of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

To its credit, Scope has an enviable track record of ensuring excellence in quality and customer engagement through quality embedded in production process, an independent and scientific quality assurance system and customer-friendly corporate governance model.