Takeaways from the Text Analytics Forum

The biggest takeaway from the Text Analytics Forum was the lack of a best answer to using text analytics in enterprises, notes Ahren Lehnert, Senior Manager, Text Analytics Solutions at Synaptica. In addition, proposals on how to get text analytics adopted in an enterprise, where this function should live, and who should perform it, were missing in the presentations.

Leveraging AI Technology to Build New Taxonomies for Risk and Process Libraries

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are increasingly being used outside the customer experience focused areas of enterprises. Jun Wang, a Management Consultant at Capgemini, describes one such deployment, where AI technology was employed to rationalize and standardize a financial institution’s risk and process library.

Fluid Annotation: Machine Learning–Powered Interface for Faster Image Annotation

Google has taken a first exploratory step towards making image annotation faster and easier. It has developed a new a machine learning–powered interface, Fluid Annotation, for annotating the class label, the outline of every object and the background region in an image. The solution is said to accelerate the creation of labeled datasets by a factor of 3x.

  • How Libraries are moving Away from Disillusionment with Linked Data

    Linked data technologies and principles as a technology trend continue to get extra attention in libraries. Andrew K. Pace, Executive Director, Technical Research for OCLC, is convinced that linked data platforms would help libraries to embark on innovations.

    Voice-First—the Future of Book Discoverability

    Be it through Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana, Bixby, Mycroft, or any other voice assistant, the premise is the same, says Bradley Metrock, CEO of Score Publishing. According to him, book discovery increasingly will bypass all the methods known today and will become reliant upon the artificial intelligence (AI) that works under the hood of these popular voice assistants.

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