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An Introduction to Taxonomy Maintenance

The development of taxonomies can never be over and done with. Industry analysts introduce new terms, new concepts emerge, terminology and usage changes, and some terms simply become obsolete. Similarly, the information described in a taxonomy, users, and their use-cases change over time. Hence, it is not an exaggeration to regard taxonomies as living systems. It follows that taxonomies have to be designed in a way that common maintenance tasks, that help to keep it relevant at all times, are easy to perform.

How Knowledge Graphs Can Help, Banks Enhance Customer Experience

Banks spent the last decades gathering data. The data, however, is often disconnected and stored in silos, thereby making data management difficult. As a result, banks find it challenging to make bank-wide research and discover insights from data with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. A knowledge graph, which is a model of a knowledge domain, could help banks overcome this challenge.

How Content Enrichment Can Help Publishers Deliver Value

Credibility is vital for established publishers as they have an interest in maintaining quality and ethical standards. The role of the publisher in the developing knowledge economy, however, should not stop with just establishing credibility. Publishers should find ways to advance research through increased discoverability and usability of their content, by revealing and tapping the implicit connections within it. One way publishers can go beyond establishing credibility is to leverage content enrichment practices.

Adding Interoperability to Cybersecurity Operations

The cybersecurity threat landscape is a rapidly evolving one. As a result, there has been a virtual explosion of security products and attendant data. Organizations are subsequently saddled with the complex task of extracting real value from an ever-growing pile of data. To help organizations address this challenge, industry pioneers came together to foster the interoperability of security products based on open standards.

The First Branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine Taxonomy Launched

The rise in the popularity of traditional Chinese remedies and practices means there would be an increase in worldwide Research and Development (R&D) efforts involving Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The R&D efforts, however, will require easily accessible clinical data. Elsevier recently launched the first branch of its Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) taxonomy in collaboration with the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM). Acupuncture, a therapeutic model and key component of TCM, is the first branch of the taxonomy that is available now.

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