Understanding Ontologies and Taxonomies and Utilizing them in the Future

Semantics and linked data are becoming increasingly mainstream. Consequently, there is still a question around how ontologies differ from taxonomies. According to Kurt Cagle, writer, data scientist and futurist, it is important to understand the distinction between ontologies and taxonomies. It is critical for making decisions about metadata management and affects anyone who deals with enterprise-level data.

Enterprise Taxonomies in Support of Search

Benefits of taxonomies over search have frequently been a matter of debate. However, this does not mean that taxonomies and search remain mutually exclusive methods. Rather, they are complementary and can improve search results and user experience in enterprises. Heather Hedden, senior vocabulary editor at Gale/Cengage, details various taxonomies and search combinations enterprises can leverage to provide their users with a unified experience and optimum results.

How a taxonomy of green definitions can help economies go carbon neutral by 2050

Climate change is broadly acknowledged as one of the key risks to financial stability. The European Commission has responded to this challenge, by planning to motivate European businesses to become carbon neutral by 2050. However, there is a lack of a universally accepted measurement for business greenness. This lack of a taxonomy of green definitions has profound practical implications for business.

  • Achieving a consensus on concepts

    Terms in taxonomy are rarely just terms— they could denote concepts. For instance, the subtle meanings or differences in domains can mean radically different understandings of a term. Hence, it is critical to define terms in a manner that is understood by everyone in an enterprise. However, driving a consensus around terms is easier said than done. Ahren Lehnert, Senior Manager, Text Analytics Solutions, Synaptica, describes a few methods that can be used to persuade all the stakeholders to agree to the definition of a term.

    Graph Databases Use Cases

    Graph databases still exude the aura of an esoteric product owing to the fact that the practical applications of graph databases are difficult to understand. To help highlight the benefits of graph databases, Walker Rowe, a freelance tech writer and programmer, details a few use cases beginning with the flexibility afforded by graph databases.

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