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Why Develop a Global Crypto-Asset Taxonomy

The World Federation of Exchanges (WFE), the global industry group for exchanges and Central Clearing Counterparties (CCPs), has asked the Financial Stability Board (FSB), and other international standard-setting bodies, to develop, adopt and employ a global taxonomy. The growth of stablecoins has created a need for a standard classification or definition of a Global Stablecoin (GSC) or a crypto-asset.

How many facets should be there in a faceted taxonomy?

A principle drawn from cognitive science is to have 7+/- 2 facets in a faceted taxonomy, where 7 denotes the number of things people can remember at any given time. However, there are numerous factors that a taxonomist takes into consideration before deciding on the ideal number of facets while developing a faceted taxonomy.

How Knowledge Graphs Can Enhance Investment Research

Owing to extreme market events such as the COVID-19 pandemic, asset managers have suffered huge losses in 2020. The impact has been so widespread many asset managers are exploring new strategies such as utilizing a knowledge graph to survive market uncertainty.

Connecting Users and Developers of Scientific Vocabularies

Researchers use formal vocabularies to find, access, integrate and reuse datasets and other research digital assets. Sometimes, they have to choose between selecting less favorable or unsuitable vocabulary and avoiding semantic annotations of their data altogether. This situation can be avoided if there is a simple mechanism for researchers to give their inputs and developers to incorporate the inputs received from researchers into their ontologies.

How taxonomies can help in climate action and disaster recovery

Unclear use of language and terminology is one of the barriers to creating a shared understanding of climate problems and solutions. A newly published taxonomy on climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction seeks to enhance the understanding of the underlying meaning of terms such as resilience.

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