Client Speak

Scope is proud of the trust it has earned from some of the most successful and demanding organizations in the world. And here’s what many Clients had to say about Scope’s services:

Knowledge Services

  • On Scope’s Scalability and Expansion
    "Scope e-Knowledge Center has performed patent abstraction and a variety of other work for us over the last six years. Initially completing 3,500 abstracts per week growing to over 10,000 today, becoming our largest abstracting company. Expanding by covering a number of foreign language documents, as well as English and we have always found the quality and timeliness well above the required standard. We find them great people to work with and are always very flexible and responsive to our needs."

    On Scope’s Quick Turnaround Time
    "Let me thank you again for the professional way in which you are managing the project. Your turn around time of 5 days is much better than that of the other vendors (about 21 days) and we are going to set up your turn-around-time as bench mark for other vendors in engineering data abstraction."

    A Multinational Media and Information Company, UK
  • "We express our extreme satisfaction with Scope’s exceptionally high and consistent quality. Scope is very responsive to any feedback received. Scope can certainly take great pride in the reality that several tens of thousands of documents, with numerous data values and tags, have already been processed this year. Overall, a nice job!" "The documents have very good quality and we are pleased with your reaction analysis. Your quality on the last batch was sufficiently high, that we have lowered the auditing percentage of some analysts." “Please thank your team for the great effort and excellent work in Slavic document bib data translation and entry for maintaining 99.9% accuracy."

    A Leading Chemical Information Provider, USA
  • "We really enjoy working with Scope’s team. We like to think of our suppliers as partners in our mission and Scope has been a great partner."   "Your staff in India has been great to work with. Anything for which we have asked, they have delivered or they have explained why our idea was not a best practice. I know for our weekly meetings, it is evening in India and the staff is available. Also, I do receive communication from the Scope team well into their evening hours. The team’s dedication to servicing the customer is wonderful."

    An International Standards Organization, USA

Medical Content Services

  • "All of the topics that were in Upload, are now in Ready to Review. Again, thank you for all the work on clearing out the Ready to Review status, as well as for getting the December complete reviews completed." "The format of this is exactly what we need, we've been able to successfully import the three channels covered in this version." "I reviewed the updates to the Dermatology spreadsheet and the doctor was extremely pleased with the work you have done – great job!"

    A World’s Leading Publisher of Professional Information, USA

Data Management Services

  • "Thank you for all the tremendous work that you have done for us. The quality of your services are stellar. Your thoroughness is much appreciated."

    A Global Discovery and e-Resource Management Solutions Provider, USA
  • "We really appreciate the positive, constructive responses that the Scope team has given so consistently throughout this process."

    A Leading Provider of Professional Information and Books Publisher, USA
  • "The advice concerning the job titles was very helpful for us - Thank you." "Many thanks for the quick analysis - I really appreciate this immediate reaction. The detailed information and solution suggestions sound good."

    One of the World's Largest Trade Fair Companies, Germany

Patent Analytics

  • "This is very good work, and surely matches all my expectations in terms of analysis of these shortlisted patents."

    A specialty minerals producer, France
  • "Excellent report with the cutting edge new technologies identified."

    A technological leader in the wind turbines industry, Spain
  • "From our own view in the tech transfer office, it also looks rather more comprehensive than many of the other organisations which we’ve used."

    A technology transfer and commercialisation company, UK
  • "Excellent search, I believe you found everything – very helpful. "

    A wind turbine manufacturer, Denmark
  • "I would like to congratulate you on the very nicely done part of the report related to the products."

    One of the specialized agencies of the United Nations, Switzerland
  • "Very pleased with your visualization outputs as part of the smart materials report."

    A multinational consumer goods company, UK

Business Research Services

  • "Thought it was really good effort. I was pleased that occasionally in places I could not tell the difference which was taken from the previous report and which was new - this is always a good sign."

    A Key Provider of Advanced Knowledge Services for the Financial Industry Worldwide, UK

Knowledge Modeling Services (Taxonomy, Thesaurus & Ontology)

  • Recently a top executive of our team suggested bringing their classification work in-house. Given the scalability, flexibility, and classification knowledge that Scope has plus our close working relationship, bringing any of this work in-house would have been a bad idea. We appreciate Scope’s ability to do projects like this one.

    Global technology media and purchase intent-driven marketing and sales services company, USA
  • It has been a pleasure to work with the Scope team. The team can be relied upon to do great work.

    Global technology media and purchase intent-driven marketing and sales services company, USA
  • It was a pleasure working with the SCOPE team on our projects last year. I especially commend the team on clear, concise reporting, clarification of issues, and status updates that kept the project on track.

    One of the world's major providers of scientific, technical, and medical information, Netherlands