Scope is very proud of a flexible work environment and believes that this work setup contributes to the success of its business. Scope boasts a youthful and vibrant work culture, complemented by a work environment that promotes teamwork and provides avenues for self-exploration. A strong emphasis is laid on the “Learn, Share and Grow” policy.

Scope strives to provide highest levels of employee comfort through a highly supportive work culture resulting in the Company’s high retention levels.

Scope has framed effective channels of communication, such as communication meetings and open house forums, to share information across various levels of the organization. The company engages the employees in fun activities, such as get-togethers, picnics etc., on a frequent basis to keep their spirits high.

Green hiring:

At Scope, boomerang employees are greeted with open arms. Employees who left due to personal life events or for career growth are welcome to join Scope.

Knowing what you’re getting into, removes the fear of the unknown. Explore and ping your interest in rejoining.  Check out open positions at

Few Boomerang Joiners:

“I have been associated with Scope for the past 12 years. I took break twice in my career due to unavoidable personal reasons. My career started here and whenever I wanted to get back to work after break, Scope welcomed me with a red carpet and valued my skills and potential. I feel honored for giving me a responsible position in the organization. I would cherish the memories of initial years as a fresher here, and also wish to continue working with the same momentum as I did on the first day at Scope”. –Subhashree

I got employed by Scope right out of my college, and Scope exposed me to a plethora of opportunities in Global Market Research. Right from my initial days, I got opportunity to prove my skills and caliber and the company provides a great continuous learning environment. After few years of experience I had to take a break from Scope to focus on my personal goals. The best part is that, Scope provided me a great opportunity once again to rejoin, and the process of assimilation was very smooth and quick. Thanks to all the people in the value-chain for supporting me through this transition.Neelaja

Scope is an organization that always makes you to think positive and keep energetic. I started my career with Scope as a trainee and worked for 6.5 years. I left Scope worked in couple other companies for 3 years and I am fortunate to rejoin Scope again. Scope has never hesitated to take the talents. Based on the experience in three years outside Scope, I confident enough to say  Scope always keeps updating the best advanced practices in the industry and its philosophy of Trust, Transparency and Team work made me to rejoin again even after 3 years. Scope is always maintaining the congenial and family-like culture to keep satisfied with whatever the roles provided .It is an excellent leaning experience at Scope from the trainee level to till now. Thank you SCOPE for believing in me and retake providing with an exciting career opportunity.Kirubakaran. R

Q Stride:

Employees want and deserve the opportunity to continue to grow and develop their skills, within organization. Scopes provides vast opportunities for career growth- enabling effective succession planning by lateral moves and inter departmental options open.

 Few internal climbers:

Quality is not a Act Quality is a Habit for few People

Yes I’m the one in the list I’m about to complete my MBA and seeking for an opportunity to pursue my career in management side, since I gained lot of theoretical knowledge in the Quality tools like Control charts and six sigma concepts I want get exposed in real time I got opportunity internally applied through Q-stride with help of my manager got placed in the quality team.

Thanks to all help me to meet my goals and achieve my dreams.-Jaisankar

Having joined in as a fresher to the corporate world, less did I know that Scope would offer me with a jackpot of opportunities and surprises. With amazingly talented and strongly motivated people around, not one day have I returned from work without knowledge overdose. The competitive and also encouraging workspace has always made me want to work harder and unleash more about the corporate sector and also about myself. The work nature in Scope is such that, it never fails to appreciate the deserving and also provides ample opportunities to learn, explore and triumph. Although I started my journey with Scope as a junior editor, I am right now a trainer and a part of the Business solutions team. I am grateful to the management for have given me this opportunity to nurture my passion. With all the appreciations and challenges, I wish to prosper along with the company and wish to build a great career with my experience at Scope.Bavya

As “Life is One Big Transition” I decided to move from heart to brain of the business to learn the trick of the business.

I believe that the strategic move from Operations to Presales could be a win-win partnership for both Scope and me. I have been working with the Publishing Industry for almost a decade, so learning business approaches at the front end seemed to be interesting for me. Moreover movement into Presales has expanded my boundaries such that my vision on business has moved up next level.

I look this opportunity as a right choice to mould myself comfortably to reach the top management positions with deep understanding from different business perspectives.-Sundari

When given an option to join Scope it was definitely a “Yes” from me as I was very passionate about reading and surfing. The job offered involved more into extraction of key ideas of book chapters, so I was able to convince myself in fitting into the roles very well. Later on I had a chance to work in Presales, so when the opportunity knocked the door I grabbed it tight to enter into Presales though some other internal job positions were also available for me.

Being part of Presales gave me an exposure to the entire Publishing industry. Contacts and Communications are the “two” key points on which I work on now. I am happy that I had good opportunities on my way in short period of association with Scope.-Monisha

I worked for the Data Services Division for 5 years before getting an opportunity to move to the Business Technology Solutions (BTS) division. This move has helped me better understand the latest technologies used in Scope. I think I made the best choice to further enhance my career.Kamesh

I started my career in this organisation. In the past 5 years I have gained knowledge about data handling techniques. Scope provides an environment which encourages its employees to achieve their goals. I’m optimistic about being part of more challenging and exciting opportunities at Scope in the future.Sugesh Kumar S