diSCOverTM – Scope’s Smart Content Solutions

Scope is an award-winning provider of integrated data, content enhancement and intellectual property & business research services. Scope has over 25 years of experience in handling different kinds of content and information processing assignments in multiple domains, including engineering, physical sciences, technology, medicine, life sciences, and humanities. Leveraging this experience, Scope has developed diSCOver™, a group of services that enable publishers and information providers to enhance the discoverability and improve search for its content. diSCOver employs Scope’s proven “assisted automation” approach that blends proprietary automation technology with intervention from subject domain experts (SMEs) to create solutions for its clients.

Features and Benefits:

Scope’s smart content solution, diSCOver™, deploys domain-specific knowledge frameworks in the form of controlled vocabularies: Taxonomies, Thesauri and Ontologies, and indexing of documents using the knowledge framework. The service integrates various features to offer benefits mentioned below:

Enhanced Search and Navigation using Taxonomies and Facets:

diSCOver™ platform offers hierarchical and granular navigation of concepts within each domain by developing subject specific taxonomies, which are further enhanced through facets for more filtered and targeted search. Developing taxonomies for the facets enables cross domain search.

Consistent Indexing using Controlled Vocabularies:

Controlled vocabularies can be integrated into Scope’s proprietary Abstracting and Indexing platform, ConSCIse™, to extract terms in the document based on the controlled vocabulary. The relevance of the extracted terms to the document is ensured through logical rules embedded in the ConSCIse™ platform with further SME curation for a very high level of indexing quality.

Semantic Indexing:

Semantic indexing and subject category indexing for patents and other scholarly literature, where documents are indexed for concepts and subjects rather than keywords. Scope also provides indexing of non-textual or multimedia objects including graphics, videos, chemical properties, reactions and structure indexing, pharmaceutical substances, genetic entities etc.

Automated Validation using Preset Vocabulary Rules:

diSCOver™’s validation rule engine helps in checking hierarchy related rule conflicts and other formatting rule conflicts in the controlled vocabularies. The rule engine specifies the type of the error and lists all error instances for these to be verified and corrected by the SMEs.

SME Intervention and a Consultative Approach:

Scope allows SME intervention where SMEs can validate and value-add to the platform-generated indexing and classification of content. Scope consults with the client at the critical stages of the smart content development cycle to provide highly-customized and high-quality smart content services.

Built to ANSI/ISO Standards:

Scope help develop and maintain taxonomies, thesaurus and facets as per ANSI / ISO standards and can also translate these controlled vocabulary terms to multiple non-English languages to enable multilingual search. The controlled vocabulary terms can be delivered in SKOS / RDF / XML format.

Ongoing Maintenance:

Scope offers ongoing maintenance for the controlled vocabularies to track and reflect changes in term meaning or usage (controlled vocabulary terms) and to update the controlled vocabularies with terms from the new content to the digital library. Scope can re-index the documents to reflect updates in the controlled vocabularies.