ConSCIseTM – Abstracting and Keyword Indexing Solution from Scope

Scope is an award-winning provider of outsourced, cost-effective content creation, enhancement and knowledge services. It has gained invaluable experience in delivering Abstracting and Indexing Services to leading STM publishers worldwide. Leveraging its experience and expertise in creating nearly 3 million abstracts/summaries for book chapters, patents, clinical summaries, and other technical literature, Scope has developed a platform-enabled content abstracting and indexing solution, ConSCIse™

Scope’s ConSCIse™ offers publishers and other information providers a unique opportunity to enhance discoverability of their content by providing keywords and keyword-rich abstracts / summaries, for more robust metadata. In addition, abstracts provide coherent, readable and comprehensive summaries that truly reflect the essence of the full-text document and hence help users make the right purchase decision regarding the full-text document.

The ConSCIse™ platform blends proprietary software with subject matter expert (SME) curation to deliver high-quality abstracts and keywords. The abstracts generated by the rules-based automation system undergo SME curation, editorial checks and a quality audit for keyword coverage, content quality (relevance, logical flow, etc.), and language to ensure that high-quality, keyword-rich abstracts are delivered to clients.

Features and Benefits:

Consistent Metadata Enrichment for Find ability:

ConSCIse™ consistently produces abstracts enriched with SEO-friendly keywords to enable better find ability in indexing services.

Multi-format Input / Output Support:

ConSCIse™ accepts input files in different formats and can handle both structured and unstructured documents. It reduces human effort and turnaround time for processing documents to provide immense cost savings for clients. The platform can be configured to deliver the abstracts in different output formats – Text, MS Word and XML.

Domain Expertise:

The platform is extensively tested and configured to provide abstracts and keywords for a wide range of domains, covering Science, Engineering, Technology, Medicine, Social Sciences and Humanities, and also documents having inter-disciplinary content.

ConSCIse™ can be quickly configured to enable high volume production.


To validate each abstract, a quality audit is performed against quality parameters such as readability, language, content coverage and search optimized keyword coverage.