AuthEntikTM – Entity Management Solution

With the exponential growth of scholarly output and the dissemination of such output in the digital format, authors of such output look for more visibility and recognition for their contributions. The lack of standardization in the way their names are represented in different publications and the ambiguities due to multiple authors having the same name pose a major problem in uniquely identifying an author and aggregating all their publications. Most publishers have author details as metadata in documents only and have no easy path to a proper database of authors and their profiles. Unstructured data input, different naming conventions, data variants, and other inconsistencies are the key challenges of author data clean up and enhancement. This scenario has made many publishers realize the need for a comprehensive author data management solution by extracting such information from the documents, standardizing and disambiguating the author names to create a database of unique authors and their profiles.

Scope has created more than 50 million author database records from journal articles, conference proceedings and other documents over the last two years. Leveraging this experience and expertise, Scope has developed its author data enhancement solution, AuthEntik™, which uses a combination of automated algorithms, manual validation and standardized data repositories to develop fast, scalable and high-quality databases of disambiguated author names their affiliations, publications and other related data. Using this database, AuthEntiK can also provide clustering and visualization of relationships across authors.

Features and Benefits:

To cater to the increasing demands of organizations for big data management, AuthEntik™ has been designed with the following features:

Selection of Relevant Module(s):

Clients can choose from data parsing, validation, standardization and disambiguation modules as per their requirements.

Extensive Knowledge Repositories:

Leverages existing, well-developed knowledge repositories (e.g. universities, cities, states / provinces, country names, etc.) for standardizing author affiliation data. Extensive web research capabilities to identify missing data

Naming Conventions of Different Countries:

Proficiency in the first name and surname conventions of different countries.

Effective QC Tools:

The solution employs a proprietary Global Check tool and a variety of auto correction and semi-manual detection and correction tools for error-free author records. High-quality author records are ensured through multiple layers of quality control checks.


AuthEntik™ can handle rapid processing of voluminous author records.