Business Technology Solutions

Scope believes in the mantra of ‘Assisted Automation’ and has adopted technology extensively in the  delivery of the various services to its clients. Innovative products have been conceptualized and developed in prOdigi, Scope’s R&D and development hub, and have been used successfully by the various service delivery teams.

Being an early adopter of the evolving Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, we have built all our products internally leveraging Natural Language Programming (NLP), Machine Learning (ML), and a vast experience gained from executing projects for the most respected content providers in the world over the past two decades.

All of Scope’s proprietary products have workflows with automatic skill based routing of files, in built knowledge bases and project management modules with metrics and dashboards. The products are customized for project specific requirements and are deployed on the cloud for our teams working on various geographical locations  to access.

We collaborate extensively with academic institutions like the University of Sheffield and Anna University that have teams involved in cutting edge research in Computational Linguistics and NLP. This enables us to ensure our products leverage  the latest developments in AI and are competitive. We also collaborate with pure technology firms like Synaptica to license stable products that are readily available in the market.