Scope e-Knowledge Center is a one of the largest offshore providers of integrated knowledge services and solutions to the Professional Publishing (Business, Legal & STM) and information industry (Information & Media) across the world.

Scope e-Knowledge Centre (Scope), a SPi Global company, is a leading knowledge services company providing content and data enrichment solutions to publishers, information providers, professional societies and enterprise across the world. Over the years, Scope has been delivering scalable knowledge solutions in the areas of content enhancement, data management (including cleansing and classification), research and analytics by leveraging its deep subject matter expertise, IT-enabled platforms and multi-lingual capabilities.

Scope has emerged as a leading knowledge services provider that employs over 1100 Knowledge professionals located across 3 cities in India with varied educational backgrounds and experience working for different industry verticals and subject domains.

Over the last 15 years, Scope has been catering to the knowledge requirements of more than 300 clients and executed in excess of 1,500 projects.

Some of the key differentiators for Scope include:

  • Unique Positioning in the industry – Publishers have outsourced e-publishing and digital asset creation for decades and this is a fairly mature business. Scope is among the few companies that focuses exclusively on “content enrichment” that helps in making content more discoverable. Publishers have begun to recognize the importance of “discoverability” and have started making investments in technology products. However this has met with limited success as it has become evident that a good content platform requires a combination of technology and human curation. Scope’s unique “techno-human” solutions bring these capabilities to its client.

  • Specialized in Knowledge based Services – Scope has been in the business of highly domain specific knowledge based services like patent abstraction, taxonomy development, deep indexing using controlled vocabularies, and now moving up in the value chain of knowledge service for ontology development and semantic enrichment

  • Knowledge Repositories – With over a decade of experience in A&I services and taxonomy development, Scope has developed in-house knowledge repositories of technical terms across multiple domains

  • Deep Subject Matter Expertise Across Diverse Domains – In-house multi-domain & multi-lingual SME team combined with an external ecosystem of SMEs across niche domains cater to scaling needs of publishers in a variety of domains. Scope has an expert team with over a decade of experience in creation of taxonomy, thesaurus and enrichment services across different subject areas

  • Rural leverage – Scope’s ability to very quickly set up its rural operations and harness the rich talent pool that resides in rural India. This was brought about through leverage of Scope’s technology platforms, workflow in the cloud and govern the outputs for quality and TAT through Scope’s command center at Chennai ensuring high levels of rigor and sustenance of quality and TAT across its Chennai and rural centers.

  • Scalable Technology – Scope’s techno-human approach model offers intelligent, efficient and timely results; the services provide high data visibility even on unstructured data, and are comprehensive to suit future integration needs of customers. Scope uses proprietary crawlers, trackers and classifiers to aggregate data from authentic sources.

  • Management stability, commitment and continuity – Highly experienced senior management team with no attrition. Stable and mature operating leadership at the account level over a long time.

The testament for its differentiated positioning is long standing relationships with its clients.

scope’s core competence