About the OntoSpeak Newsletter

The OntoSpeak newsletter is curated, repurposed and published by Scope e-Knowledge Center, a leading provider of specialized knowledge services for publishers and information providers.

This free fortnightly newsletter on taxonomies, thesauri & ontology and semantic publishing was launched on Monday, February 5, 2018.

OntoSpeak will cover all the new developments related to content intelligence, information architecture, knowledge modeling and the interplay of knowledge models and technologies in enterprises and the publishing industry.

Furthermore, the free fortnightly newsletter liberates publishers, information product managers and enterprise content managers from the need to follow multiple websites, blogs, or message boards every day. It will provide a single window view on the companies, events, emerging technologies, business intelligence and insights from thought leaders in the smart content space.

Why does Scope e-Knowledge Center publish a free fortnightly newsletter on taxonomies, thesauri & ontology and semantic publishing?

There is a growing interest in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Therefore, identifying meaningful concepts and the underlying semantic relationships has gained in significance. Subsequently, knowledge models such as taxonomies, thesauri, and ontologies are even more relevant than ever before.

The overarching intent of the OntoSpeak newsletter is to satisfy the need for editorially curated content that will offer readers precise and updated information from the knowledge modeling space.

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