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Will AI render KM irrelevant?

Will AI render KM irrelevant?

June 20, 2018

In the past, there have been many technologies, such as expert systems, Groupware, enterprise search, social networking and many more, which were expected to replace knowledge management (KM) or make it obsolete. Nick Milton, director of Scotland, UK based company Knoco Limited, believes artificial intelligence (AI) cannot replace KM, but it will simplify, disrupt and accelerate it.

Over the years, many new technologies—from expert systems in the 1990s to AI today— were expected to make KM obsolete. The reality is that these technologies, including AI, have made KM faster and easier, but none of them could replace KM.

For instance, AI makes it possible to create new and quick correlation from massive datasets. However, AI needs someone to make and clean the datasets, train it to interpret the correlations and draw knowledge from it. In addition, AI is limited to analyzing and retrieving documents, and information and data. It cannot help in transferring and creating knowledge through conversations or tacit knowledge. Therefore, AI can be a powerful tool, but it cannot replace KM.

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