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Wikidata is ranked #5 as a linked data source

Wikidata is ranked #5 as a linked data source

August 20, 2018

Wikidata has emerged as the #5 ranked data source in the OCLC Research 2018 International Linked Data Survey for Implementers. This is indeed a significant change as it was ranked #15 in 2015. Karen Smith-Yoshimura, Senior Program Officer with OCLC Research, analyzes the responses to the 2018 survey to identify the significant differences with the responses.

The emergence of Wikidata as the #5 ranked data source can be attributed to the increase in the number of linked data projects/services relying on it. A comparative tabulation of 41% of the linked data projects/services described in 2018 reported using Wikidata as a source versus just 9% of the projects/services described in 2015 was used for the analysis.

Some of the comments from the respondents of the survey about why they are greatly interested in tracking the developments in Wikidata are given below:

• “Wikidata is becoming more and more significant for cultural heritage institutions including our library.” (National Library of Finland)
• “Wikidata [is] a potential authority hub.” (British Library)
• “It seems to be a great place where we can share our data and use their data to enhance ours in ways we hadn’t [had not] envisioned before.” (Smithsonian)
• “…all facts taken from Wikipedia stored in Wikidata turned to linked data is a tremendous achievement and
we’re [we are] actively working together to link our data offering with theirs even closer.” (Springer Nature)

Check out the recording of the OCLC Research 12 June 2018 Works in Progress Webinar: Introduction to Wikidata for Librarians presented by Andrew Lih (author of The Wikipedia Revolution, digital sharing strategist, and journalism professor) and Robert Fernandez (Resources Development/eLearning Librarian, Prince George’s Community College, and Wikimedia DC Chapter). It will help you know more about Wikidata from a library perspective.

Click here to find out about the analysis result of OCLC Research 2018 International Linked Data Survey.

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