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What researchers are looking for in terms of search results?

What researchers are looking for in terms of search results?

October 5, 2018

For researchers the top ten search results provided by search engines such as Google are insufficient. The type of answers they are attempting to elicit from search engines is more complex than a simple query with an instant answer. So, how can researchers cope with the deluge of data at their disposal and search more efficiently? Mike Iarrobino, product manager for content and rights workflow solutions at Copyright Clearance Center examines several key scientific search concepts. In addition, he explores what more information management and informatics professionals should do to provide researchers with all the information needed for their research.

Researchers need a comprehensive systematic review of all the information available concerning their research. This will help them decide on the veracity of a claim. Some of the search concepts that researchers can rely on are aggregated search, personalized search, contextualized search, enterprise search, and federated search.

Each search concept has its uses and limitations. Therefore, to empower researchers, information management and informatics professionals need to factor in future requirements. Irrespective of whether the information is available internally or externally as structured or unstructured data, scientific search has to provide researchers with a direct path to the content.

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