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What enterprise knowledge management should learn from online content providers?

What enterprise knowledge management should learn from online content providers?

June 5, 2018

Christopher Stancombe, head of industrialization and automation at Capgemini—a multinational professional services and business consulting corporation headquartered in Paris, France—says that it is time for enterprise knowledge management (KM) to be more in line with user needs. One way KM systems can evolve is by learning from online content providers, he adds.

For instance, KM practitioners can learn from online content streaming behemoths to anticipate the needs of the users and build far more user-friendly interfaces. They can let artificial intelligence (AI) take the lead in actively analyzing, improving, and adding to the content available with them to meet user requirements. Furthermore, they should master the art of designing user-friendly interfaces. In fact, some of the user-friendly features offered by the online content providers are already available in KM systems. Yet, there is scope to evolve by bringing in search options that will enable KM systems to offer knowledge in a smarter and a more intuitive manner.

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