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What Does 2018 Hold for AI in Publishing?

What Does 2018 Hold for AI in Publishing?

February 5, 2018

In the scholarly publishing world where approximately 2.5 million new scientific papers are published every year, digitization supported by the right analytical tools is making it easier for researchers to find insights into complex problems. But, how do analytical tools help in Research and Development (R&D)? Enter semantic data and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Digitization has moved the focus from reading complete articles to identifying individual semantic facts in the publications. This is driven by the automated approaches to finding and extracting these facts and the steps to employ AI in the form of machine learning.

Jabe Wilson, Consulting Director, Text and Data Analytics, Elsevier, believes that AI will be considered as a valid technique in R&D and in the next 12 months, we will see the first fruits of these advances in the use of AI to augment research.

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