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Touchstones for Organizing Articles

Touchstones for Organizing Articles

August 20, 2018

One of the most common content structures in content management is articles. They pose a challenge because they are large in number, hosted within a website, and importantly have a unique content structure. Daniel Klco, Adobe Digital Marketing Technical Director at Perficient, shares some key considerations when designing a content strategy for articles.

Why do articles pose a challenge? For instance, in table or database content management systems, content is stored as a flat structure. Therefore, generating unique, usable, SEO-friendly URLs can become a challenge. In some content management platforms, the content is stored in the repository as hierarchical content structures. This may cause authoring and performance problems because of the presence of too many child nodes. Consequently, to design a content strategy for articles, it would be optimal to consider the principles stated below.

The first thing to consider is the volume of both the existing and the expected growth of the content. This will help in structuring the content to ensure that the number of child nodes is manageable, and the structure is navigable and user friendly. The next one would be to consider the nature of the articles. This will help in determining the structure that facilitates categorizing of content. Lastly, the data point has to be determined. This will enable rich filtering capability, which will help users immensely.

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