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The Synaptica Insight series: a talk with Rolf Zwahlen of TE Connectivity

The Synaptica Insight series: a talk with Rolf Zwahlen of TE Connectivity

May 7, 2018

Synaptica recently interviewed Rolf Zwahlen, Engineering Systems Analyst at TE Connectivity, for the Synaptica Insights series. Rolf is a member of the Digital Part Solutions team and his focus is on information technology. In this interview, he discusses how the product data management team leverages Synaptica KMS (Synaptica) to support the marketing team.

Rolf reveals that the marketing team manages the product listings in the TE Connectivity website. Therefore, it is vital—for the marketing team—that each product is carefully classified so that the customers can find the product they are looking for quickly. As a result, the marketing team is the main user of Synaptica at TE Connectivity.

Click here to read how Synaptica is used to classify each product and part and how it enhances the customer experience.

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