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The Role of Content Services Platforms in Digital Transformation

The Role of Content Services Platforms in Digital Transformation

April 5, 2018

To thrive in the modern business world, enterprises need to use their digital assets effectively. Among the multitude of technologies and solutions, a content services platform (CSP) is uniquely positioned to help enterprises jettison the archaic and inefficient approaches to managing information and set them on the road to digital transformation.

To move forward, enterprises need to digitally transform legacy applications. A good CSP can integrate with legacy applications (and other core business solutions), map the metadata of the legacy system to the CSP, serve as a central hub for the delivery and exploitation of information assets, and ultimately get federated access to the information and content from that legacy system.

Similarly, to deliver digital transformation, users need to be engaged. CSPs facilitate this engagement by delivering content in context, permitting users to create useful things with the information, and developing personalized solutions without creating custom code. This flexible, rapid application development facility sits directly on top of the single, metadata-driven view of all of the information throughout the business.

To achieve digital transformation, CSPs help enterprises combine information and content from multiple sources and deliver it to the end user via a personalized interface and solution that can drive the process—at the appropriate time.

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