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The increasing use of open source tools in enterprise search products

The increasing use of open source tools in enterprise search products

October 22, 2018

Occasionally, two diametrically opposed camps are perceived to exist in the enterprise search space: commercial and proprietary and open source. According to Miles Kehoe, the founder of New Idea Engineering, we are witnessing a new trend in recent years. The emphasis of enterprise search platform has shifted more on to the user and administrator experience from the underlying tools.

The shift in focus — from underlying tools to user and administrator experience — is true even in commercial products. Today, more and more enterprise search companies are integrating open source tools such as Lucene, Solr, Spark, Hadoop, Mahout, Nutch, etc. in their products. The quality and the capabilities offered by the open source tools are the primary drivers for this evolution. Another reason is the realization that it is the user and the administrative interfaces, the crawler, and the indexing and reporting tools that are critical for an enterprise search. Consequently, commercial enterprise companies have caught on that it is easier and safer to use open source tools instead of their own proprietary solutions.

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