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Taxonomies made simple – Boot Camp guide

Taxonomies made simple – Boot Camp guide

October 5, 2018

If you are facing your first taxonomy challenge, or just trying to get your head around what taxonomies can do to drive your content, then Taxonomy Boot Camp London’s Track A sessions will speak directly to you.

The sessions will provide you with an easy to understand guide to:

• What tools taxonomists need to do their job
• Taxonomy development and user validation
• Why words matter in taxonomy development
• Tools and resources for taxonomy practitioners
• Innovative approaches to developing taxonomies
• Information architecture
• Enterprise information management
• Being special – how to be the only taxonomist in your organization
• Tagging
• Taxonomy standards and architecture

Furthermore, during the Boot Camp’s networking program you can meet and mingle with your peers from a range of industries and environments and explore common challenges.

Click here to find out the range of friendly, informal social and networking events taking place throughout the conference.

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