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New technology and challenges in information access and management

New technology and challenges in information access and management

June 5, 2018

Two seemingly contradictory trends are taking place in the information landscape. On one hand, technologies are evolving and changing at a faster pace, and on the other, organizations are still struggling to solve prosaic problems around information access and management. How can these two phenomena exist side by side? Not only that, Seth Earley, founder and CEO of Earley Information Science—a specialized information agency having its headquarters in Carlisle, Massachusetts, USA—asks how to go from what is practical to what is possible.

The answer lies in ensuring that some foundational work in organizing information needs to be done before new technologies can be leveraged to resolve the challenges. For instance, artificial intelligence (AI) can be a terrific adjunct to the existing technology infrastructure. However, if the data is of poor quality, missing, or incorrect, the capacity to do things by machine learning and AI technologies will be limited. AI can help understand large amounts of information such as those collected from customer data in call centers or technical reference information and add structure to the unstructured content. Nevertheless, it does require reference architecture and, in some cases, ontology.

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