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Metadata—enriching the enterprise search experience

Metadata—enriching the enterprise search experience

March 5, 2018

For enterprises, search platforms are more than a simple search engine. They are tools for improving a knowledge worker’s efficiency and boosting overall productivity. However, more often than not, enterprise users tend to be dissatisfied with the search platform as their queries return irrelevant results. Thankfully, enriching document properties is a tried and tested way to improve search results.

When an enterprise user creates a document, there is always data about the document – metadata. Some of the metadata just happens: the file date, its size, and the file name and path. Other metadata depends on the author-provided properties such as title, subject, and other fielded data maintained in the Office ‘Properties’ tab. In addition, there are tools such as the Stanford Named Entity Recognition tool (licensed under the GNU General Public License) that can perform advanced metadata extraction from the full text of a document. It follows that if the authors fill in the fields in the Office ‘Properties’ correctly, it can only enrich the metadata of the document, which in turn will enhance enterprise search results.

Click here to read how metadata along with having an executive owner for search can help enterprises improve search results.

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