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Handle metadata with care

Handle metadata with care

June 5, 2018

Metadata is required during every phase of the publication life cycle. However, metadata does not percolate throughout the workflow and much of it remains in silos. Jennifer Goodrich, Director of Product Management at Copyright Clearance Content, which is headquartered in Danvers, Massachusetts, USA, asks why we let this treasured commodity—metadata—slip through our fingers over the course of the publication process.

How does access to the metadata collected throughout the publication life cycle help publishers and funders? To begin, it would provide better information about the authors and about grant appropriation. It also enables better business analysis by publishers and funders. Furthermore, the metadata would enable stakeholders identify trends in areas such as open access, measure the impact of funding, and make informed decisions.

Consequently, the scholarly publishing community should handle existing metadata vigilantly. They need to invest in holistic and systematic metadata handling processes in anticipation of the additional standards on the horizon. Significantly, stakeholders across the scholarly publishing industry should commit to use the standard identifiers such as grant IDs, name of the funders, and author and co-author affiliation IDs without misplacing them.

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