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Federated search helps a decentralized marketplace to create a good content delivery system

Federated search helps a decentralized marketplace to create a good content delivery system

September 5, 2018

Decentralized marketplaces like OpenBazaar are advantageous for users as such marketplaces give them more freedom and privacy. However, these marketplaces present some challenges in creating a good content discovery system. Tyler Smith, developer at OpenBazaar, notes that a truly decentralized solution does not exist. He reveals that OpenBazaar has developed an approach to help buyers in finding the things they want and need without sacrificing the choice provided by the decentralization marketplace.

Initially, OpenBazaar tried out a decentralized search index, but the results were not encouraging. In response to the search deficiencies, they leveraged DuoSearch. However, if users wanted to browse, they had to leave the OpenBazaar app and go to the DuoSearch website. Once, they shortlisted the required items, they had to return to the OpenBazzar app to buy them. As such, one can surmise that this was a less than optimal solution.

Therefore, for the next iteration, OpenBazaar decided that they needed a system similar to DuoSearch within the app; however, users should not be forced to use a centralized search engine. Therefore, OpenBazaar decided to leverage a federated search system for the following reasons. It would permit search providers to build and maintain their own view of the network, conform to a common interface, and allow the search providers’ view to be used interchangeably in the systems. This ensured that no search provider had an upper hand, and everybody had to compete based on quality and features.

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