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ECM can play a big role in helping AI grow

ECM can play a big role in helping AI grow

May 7, 2018

To meet the extraordinary appetite for data required for the growth of artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning, a context-sensitive solution that can manage, store, and scale data horizontally is required. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) meets this requirement. Hence, it has a large role to play in helping AI and deep learning develop, says Alexandra Lilienthal of the SER Group.

Furthermore, without a deep learning storehouse, AI applications will not have the data they need to satisfy their hunger. Hence, ECM needs to be part of every enterprise’s IT strategy. Moreover, all AI technologies—deep content analytics (deep CA), ontology, and natural language processing (NLP)—are covered by cognitive services and easily accessible by ECM applications. Therefore, the possibilities are endless, and there is a huge potential for innovation; for instance, the linking of virtual reality systems with ECM allows maintenance engineers to familiarize themselves with buildings remotely before repairing them.

Click here to read the role that ECM can play in helping enterprises get their data houses in order to tap into the enormous potential that AI offers.

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