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Digital transformation and the publishing industry

Digital transformation and the publishing industry

June 5, 2018

The process of moving to a system that will empower publishing enterprises to remain in a position of strength regardless of the latest innovations in the industry is called digital transformation. This process will maximize the efficiencies created by today’s technological landscape says Steffanie Ness, regional vice president of sales US (Central and Eastern Region) at Ixxus, having its head office in London, UK. Ultimately, this paradigm shift will serve to enhance the success of an author’s work, she adds.

How does digital transformation help authors? To get an insight, we have to understand its impact on the publishing enterprises. The first change will be in the way content is stored. If done right, it will unify enterprise content on a single, global, and centralized file repository. Next, it will enhance the metadata, thereby enabling quicker browsing using keyword and semantic search.

The knock-on effect of enhancing content storage and metadata is the improved capability to discover the best and the most relevant content efficiently. Additionally, digital transformation adds content agility. This facilitates an enterprise to respond to external demands for efficient and fast reuse of valuable content. Furthermore, digital transformation will bring in the additional capability of automated collaboration. This will facilitate seamless collaboration across geographies and time zones.

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