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Deploying innovative and modern information management solutions

Deploying innovative and modern information management solutions

October 22, 2018

Innovative organizations today are using new ways of overcoming the challenges of modernizing legacy information management systems. For instance, instead of migrating away from legacy applications, the organizations are connecting new and modern systems to their legacy applications via technology bridges to get the best of both worlds. This helps organizations to migrate to a new solution without causing issues to the operation of the business and minimizing the overall risks involved in the process. According to Dave Jones, vice president of Product Marketing at Nuxeo, there are many benefits of using technology bridges. In this article, he examines the benefit of building technology bridges and provides insights on how organizations can go about building one according to their business requirements.

Technology bridges enable users to access all the data and the content stored within the legacy systems as well as the new systems. Potentially, users can access it via the cloud, a mobile device, or an innovative new interface. Instead of manually navigating through multiple different systems by themselves, users can quickly find the single source of truth when information systems and content repositories are connected through technology bridges.

Additionally, organizations can build new applications on the information stored within legacy systems and within other legacy applications that are connected to the platform. Furthermore, any changes to the data or content in the legacy system can be seen from the new system. Similarly, any changes to the data or content in the new system can be pushed back to the legacy system. This will help people that want or need to use the old system to reap the benefits.

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