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Can we use graph databases as a solution for curbing fake news?

Can we use graph databases as a solution for curbing fake news?

May 7, 2018

Technology has been accused of being responsible for much of the fake news. However, it can also play a major role in counteracting the problem, says Emil Eifrem, co-founder and CEO of Neo Technology. The answer is being able to pinpoint the kind of connections that NBC News found in the Russian troll factory’s campaign.

It is impossible for humans to spot relationships in a huge data set without the right tools. In this instance, using a graph makes sense, as it is designed to analyze data in this way. In addition, when looking for connections within a data set it is important to understand the patterns of behavior in the pattern it produces. In the Russian troll factory, for example, a simple graph algorithm called PageRank was able to map how the small, but single-minded, group worked.

By joining the dots and analyzing a data set like the one produced by NBC News, governments and social media platforms can use technology—graph technology— to proactively detect and prevent fake news from hemorrhaging across the globe.

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