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An alternative to the traditional approach to KM

An alternative to the traditional approach to KM

May 21, 2018

Many alternatives are available for those reluctant or not having the resources to follow the traditional approach to knowledge management (KM)—setting it up as a separate, vertical function within the organization writes Sara Teitelman.

The goal of any KM program should be to create a healthy digital workplace. It will facilitate the free flow of knowledge, information and data. Consequently, there is a need for a coordinated effort as well as a shared vision. Therefore, it is imperative that the approach should be cross-functional in all its varied aspects. In addition, it is advisable to let a business unit, which has objectives and desired outcomes similar to the KM strategy to drive the initiative.

Furthermore, it is vital to ensure the involvement of non-IT personnel because people, process, and technology have an equal role to play in the success of the KM strategy. In addition, a cross-functional group of stakeholders representing the organization’s core business functions should govern all technology decisions. Like all change management initiatives, it is important to ensure that a diverse guiding coalition is in charge of driving the program.

Instead of the traditional approach, where success rests on where the KM function sits, the success of the initiative depends on the KM leader’s ability to coordinate a significant change effort across the organization.

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