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A schema-based approach to mapping RDB2RDF

A schema-based approach to mapping RDB2RDF

June 20, 2018

Today, linked data has the potential to transform the web into a platform for an intelligent information system with semantic search and query capability. To maximize this capability, priority should be given for the publication of machine-readable, open and linked datasets. In addition, the vast amounts of high-quality data stored in relational databases (RDB) have become the primary resource for populating linked data. Hence, the process of translating RDB into resource description framework (RDF) has attracted attention. In their paper titled, R2RS: schema-based relational databases mapping to linked data sets, researchers Ju Ri Kim and Sung Kook Han, propose a schema-based mapping approach from RDB to RDF.

In recent years, various mapping methods and languages, and tools have been proposed for mapping RDB to RDF. After analyzing the current mapping techniques, the researchers have proposed a schema-based approach— an approach that uses the concepts developed in the schema theory for formalizing knowledge structures in programming in terms of programming schemas’ or programming plans— for mapping RDFs to linked datasets, called R2RS. They believe that this approach has significant advantages over the existing techniques as it has straightforward, flexible and efficient features.

Further, the conceptual schema of RDB is similar to ontological domain modeling of RDF. As a result, the proposed schema-based R2RS mapping can achieve enhanced coherent mapping by dissolving the operational differences, such as graph pattern matching and JOIN operations. The mapping description is straightforward because of the compatible conceptual structures. In addition, the proposed schema can accommodate the complex relationships.

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