Taxonomy and Ontology Services

Controlled Vocabulary – Taxonomy, Thesaurus & Ontology

Scope has developed taxonomy, thesaurus and ontologies for Engineering, Physical Science, Material Sciences, Medical and Life Science domains. Scope delivers the controlled vocabularies in customizable XML, SKOS, RDF and OWL formats to enable easy integration with clients’ content environment.

Controlled vocabularies such as taxonomy, thesaurus and ontology are the main terminological resources that play a key role in developing the information architecture for online portals and search platforms.

Taxonomies provide the hierarchical categorization and classification of content into subject categories and also help to categorize and classify products and brands represented in online directories and product catalogues.

Thesaurus provide the expanded terms of the basic taxonomic classification to incorporate user variants (associative, broader, narrower) and improve the recall efficiency of the search and retrieval process.

Compared to thesauri, ontologies can define more number of cross linked relationships between multiple vocabularies and helps search applications to interpret, infer and derive complex relationships from a variety of data silos and thus facilitate conceptual search and handle natural language queries on a very large corpus of data.