• How Cognitive Computing is transforming Knowledge Management and what to do about it

    Undoubtedly, cognitive computing and machine learning are going to shape knowledge management, as we know it. This gives rise to a very fundamental question, what to do about it?

    How does a semantic indexing system based on the title perform against one based on the full-text?

    Does a semantic indexing system based on the title equal the performance of a system based on the full-text if the number of samples for training the title-based method is much larger than the number of full-text samples? The answer is important, as it will deepen our understanding of the implications for automatic semantic indexing systems in digital libraries of scientific content. So, Florian Mai, Lukas Galke and Ansgar Scherp set out to find the answer.

    Bringing a database virtual machine to the world via the graph

    The fact that graph is now in the limelight is at least to some extent because of Marko A. Rodriguez—a man who has spent his entire career working in the graph space. His story hints at what could be coming next—a database virtual machine.

  • Exploring the universe of semi-and-unstructured data with text analytics

    Unless you have a Voyager-like mind, in all probability, you will be overwhelmed by the size of the information universe, especially when you are seeking a truth.

    The growing graph database space offers a number of opportunities for businesses

    To what should we attribute the increase in adoption and commercial success of graph technology? The answer—belief in relationships.

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