• The future of business-to-business marketing is in smart content

    In a world where data dissemination is endless and content creation is being accelerated through new technologies, smart content will have a huge impact on B2B marketing, says Joel Payne.

    Taxonomies can help talent management in enterprises

    Mary Little, an accomplished project manager, business analyst, and management consultant, in an article titled “Business Taxonomies for Talent Management & Strategy” writes that business taxonomies can help enterprises get the right people, to the right opportunities, at the right time across each stage of the talent management lifecycle.

    Creating accessible publications

    Creating accessible documents will become the norm in the future, and hence there is a need to build accessibility standards into existing publishing workflows, says Greg Suprock, Head of Solutions Architecture at Apex.

  • The keys to modern knowledge engineering

    The goal of knowledge engineering is to take integrated and evaluated data and turn the insights derived from it into knowledge. However, even after emerging as an artificial intelligence-driven solution to collect, understand, and infer relationships from big data, questions persist on how to begin the process of knowledge engineering and what tools to use.

    How to Map Relational Data to a Graph Database

    Graph database is revolutionizing the ability of organizations to find relationships between large data sets. However, most of today’s data is still in relational database format and as data sets continue to grow, finding relationships in the relational database format is a challenge. So, how can organizations take advantage of what graph databases have to offer?

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