• The Global Graph Database Market is expected to reach around USD 5.6 Billion by 2024

    A new report titled "Graph Database Market by Solution (Software and Services), by Vertical (Financial Services, Manufacturing, Public Sector, Telecom, Retail, Travel and Hospitality, and Others) by Region (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East & Africa) – Global Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis and Forecast, 2017–2024'' has been published by Zion Market Research.

    Semantic Reasoning—the forgotten half of AI

    From the dawn of artificial intelligence (AI), there were two main approaches to making systems knowledgeable—explicitly teach them what they need to know or have them learn from experience. According to Larry Lefkowitz, PhD, Chief Scientist, AI Practice, at Sapient, this dichotomy still holds today.

    Pfizer and SciBite collaborate to pioneer a new machine learning approach to document classification

    For large pharmaceutical enterprises, knowledge transfer is crucial for successful integration of external research projects or commercial acquisitions into the enterprise. However, cataloging and integrating a myriad of free-text documents with internal data management systems is a challenge. To help pharmaceutical enterprises overcome this challenge, Joe Mullen, Senior Informatics Scientist at SciBite, and Steve Pen, Medicinal Sciences Information Strategy Lead at Pfizer, have jointly pioneered a new approach that leverages advanced machine learning and natural language processing techniques for integrating these free-text documents with internal data management systems. This will help pharmaceutical enterprises derive maximum benefit from external research projects or from their strategic acquisitions.

  • Wikidata is ranked #5 as a linked data source

    Wikidata has emerged as the #5 ranked data source in the OCLC Research 2018 International Linked Data Survey for Implementers. This is indeed a significant change as it was ranked #15 in 2015. Karen Smith-Yoshimura, Senior Program Officer with OCLC Research, analyzes the responses to the 2018 survey to identify the significant differences with the responses.

    Four new ways to understand taxonomies

    Bring yourself up to date with taxonomies and learn how to optimize them at the Taxonomy Boot Camp. Choose from the four pre-conference workshops of Taxonomy Boot Camp held at London: combine them with a full conference registration or just drop in for a single workshop.

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